“Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day…Teach a man to fish – you feed him for a lifetime…”

Maria Alcala came to First Day having no place to stay. By residing at First Day, she was able to slowly divert the energy she had been using for day to day survival towards making a better life for her future and quickly made up her mind to succeed and live a better life. 

Her success began with an employment opportunity given to her by Peter Jimenez (prior owner of Country Fresh Markets).  Working as a cashier at Country Fresh, she was able to develop her customer service skills, learn inventory skills, and most importantly, build inner strength and self confidence.  But she didn’t stop there.  She was encouraged to blossom and while at First Day, Maria completed Security Guard training, became First Day’s Assistant Women’s Manager, Secretary of First Day Ladder Group and also gained experience working as a volunteer through our Community Angel’s Program.  So by combining the experience from these great opportunities and attending Job Club workshops, she was able to create a excellent resume, brush up on her interview skills, and begin her journey of success.  Maria attended the Job Fair at Whittwood Mall, and was hired as an associate by Target.  She was there from Day One to help set up the new store, will soon be completing her second month, and is even training new employees.

In a way, we are sad to see Maria leave First Day, but are so happy to say that she is moving into her very own apartment this month.  And we are proud to know that she has done it… She has succeeded.  

Maria Alcala is just one person, just one story… but a wonderful example of what First Day has done, and will do for many just like her.