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OCTOBER 10, 2015

Recovery From Homelessness Program Description

The RFHP provides a short-term emergency transitional housing with on site supportive services to 45 individuals in the City of Whittier. Services include: on-site health clinic, health screenings, mental health services, on-site meals, case management, clothing, transportation, 12 step meetings, education, training and employment assistance.  First Day provides professional and social service offices and meeting space. The RFHP consists of a four-phase program:  

Phase I
Emergency Shelter-An evaluation and assessment phase, which allows for supportive transitional setting from the isolation of the streets to a community setting. Individuals are required to attend all day-time educational classes.

Phase II
Transitional Management-Individuals are assigned educational classes and required to attend Job Club. This is based on a client centered problem-solving model.

Phase III
Transition Living-This allows additional time to those who have demonstrated the willingness and determination to move toward self-sufficiency.  After a job has been secured an individual can retain their residency to accumulate sufficient funds to acquire permanent and stable housing.

Phase IV
Five year follow up-A five-year follow up is provided as well as social services.
Health and Wellness Clinic Services
The Health and Wellness Clinic opened in January of 2005 and serves as a sort of urgent care and preventative health maintenance facility for the residents of the First Day program.  The clinic is open two days a week for four hours each day; once in the morning and once in the evening. Residents may be seen by a Registered Nurse or a Nurse Practitioner by appointment or on an emergency basis as necessary. The clinic also performs a health assessment on all new residents within a week of their entrance into the program.  All new residents are screened for diabetes and hypertension as well as being evaluated for other health needs. The Health and Wellness Clinic is also an affiliate of the Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital in Whittier and can refer uninsured First Day residents to the hospital and clinics associated with the hospital (such as the hospital Family Practice Clinic) at no charge to the residents or to the First Day program.
Ladder Group Description: The Ladder Group is an unincorporated nonprofit association that is run by the residents, for the residents and has been registered with the state of California.  The group meets weekly for about an hour and serves both as a self governing body and as a support group for the residents.  Officers are elected and voted in and a representative from the group attends regular First Day Board of Director meetings as a liaison between the residents and the board members.
Social Services Program Description:

The Social Services Program evaluates the needs of each client and suggests the appropriate course of action. We also provide financial assistance to obtain birth certificates, CA identification, CA driver’s license and  other documentation necessary to receive government benefits and employment. Transportation is also available in the form of tokens and taxi vouchers for job interviews, referrals and appointments. Medical and Mental Health referrals are also provided for special needs. The transitional managers screen and determine eligibility for the “Recovery from Homelessness Program.”