Whittier First Day Coffee

The First Day coffee is available in ground or full bean packages. 10 ounce Regular
or 8 ounce Decaf packages are only $6.00 and are also available in five pound bags.

“Our Model (Reciprocal Community Engagement Model) is to build a network of programs of natural interaction between people that brings the homeless out of the isolation of their situation and reintegrating them into the community-at-large.” One third of all sales goes to the direct services for our residents.
Tree huggers Collaborative
You don’t have to travel to Kona or other far reaches of the world to find a great tasting coffee. The coffee beans used for Whittier’s own coffee are purchased from a non profit collaborative that supports “earth friendly” economic and community development by buying the beans directly from small independent coffee growers in South America.

First Day buys its Fair-Trade organic coffee beans green, and roasts them as orders are received from the community. This guarantees the freshest coffee possible.

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